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Large Oval Hoop 250mm
Use when painting tablecloths

Item: 1608
Product Description
Use this large oval hoop for painting tablecloths, cushion covers, t-shirts and other stretchy fabric items. Stretch the fabric over the base and the ring will keep the fabric taut and stable. Replacement blotters available.
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Questions (2)
Hi guys, I jus came across your page. I have not seen Hobbytex since the 70s when my Nan got me some..great stuff..but any way my question..Is the base included with hoop? Thanks. Glad to have found Hobbytex again..getting some for my Grandchildren now...superb products and so much fun.. Thanks again to all.

Hi there, thank you for your question regarding Hobbytex Hoops. These are used for stretching the fabric over the base of the hoop to keep the material held taught. Ideal for tablecloths, cushion covers, pillowcases etc. However if you are painting a non-woven or velvet picture, use the Blotter Sheet (1632) instead as the pictures don't need to be stretched. The Oval Hoop comes with the oval base, the ring and an oval blotter. Regards Jenny

Is this used to hold the fabric that you are painting on ?

Hi there. Yes the oval hoop is designed to hold the material in place whilst you are painting and provides a firm base to lean on. Use this hoop for tablecloths, placemats and any stretchy material like t-shirts. Use a flat blotter sheet (1632) for painting non-won pictures and velvet pictures.

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