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Hobbytex has a variety of paints for your creative use. Our regular size tubes (25ml) and our half size tubes (12ml) are fast-drying, permanent, spirit-based paints which last for many, many years to come. We also have a range of glitter paints and hologram sprinkle glitters which add a wonderful sparkle and embellishment to your creations. 


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5 New Paints for Spring
includes 5 guards too
Item: 1044
All 42 paints + Free Large Toter
includes the 15 new colours!
Item: 1051
5 More New Paints - Winter set-of-5
Plus guards - save!
Item: 1099
5 New Paints- Retro set-of-5
Plus guards - save!
Item: 1103
Vogart set-of-12 Paints
Fantastic 12mL starter kit + FREE Christmas Tree Decorations!
Item: 1040
Standard paint tube 25g
Click to see the full range of colours.
Complete Guide To Hobbytex Painting
Item: 8670
10 Paint Pack
Item: 1109
10 Paint Pack + Free Roses Hoop
New kit!
Item: 1098
5 Vogart Colours + Christmas Bookmarks set of 8
New paint kit for the festive season
Item: 1438
New Mini Paint Kit
Perfect for beginners!
Item: 1413
Plain Non-Woven Material
Ideal to make your own pictures ON SPECIAL!
Item: 7116
Half size tubes 12ml
Perfect beginners and for older kids!
Hobbytex Catalogues x 5
Item: 8995
Hologram Sprinkle Glitter

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